Green Loop System

Green Loop System

Green Loop is a circular system where products for commercial kitchens are reused in businesses instead of being bought in, used and then disposed of. The model is based on August Lundh’s existing product catalogue of items such as plates, trays and kitchen equipment that has been used extensively by the public sector for decades, such as the well-known MALKO plates with their characteristic granite pattern.
The products have superior durability and can be used for an average of 3-5 years before they wear out. By recirculating, their life is extended and the products can be recycled over and over again for at least 30 years without this affecting either their sustainability or durability. When the products can no longer be used for their original purpose, they can be made into a different plastic product or the plastic can be used for energy recovery.

Products in the Green Loop System are made of recycled bioplastic. The energy consumed in the entire production process is lower than for alternative materials such as glass, porcelain and melamine, and by recirculating the material, production is almost carbon neutral. The Green Loop System is thus an important tool for businesses conducting active environmental initiatives and the model fulfils all the requirements for circular procurement.

Financial benefits through subscription

Kitchen equipment is essential, yet sometimes costly for public sector businesses. That is why it is possible for businesses to subscribe to the Green Loop System instead of buying. Through flexible agreements, businesses can choose exactly what they need without the risk of unexpected costs, which saves time and capital as well as cutting staffing costs.

A closed recirculation system provides a solution to the big environmental challenges of our time. However, a closed system brings greater benefits in the form of a more even cost flow and reduced waste. This becomes clear when analysing similar systems using other materials. Porcelain and glass often break and need to be replaced regularly.

The importance of a safe and secure dining room

August Lundh designs products that last for commercial kitchens and public environments. This places particularly high demands on the environment and safety issues. Working conditions in commercial kitchens are often physically strenuous. Repetitive heavy lifting has been identified as a major risk factor for kitchen staff, who often suffer from strain injuries.

The Green Loop System also brings better working conditions in the dining room. Studies show that plastic tableware reduces noise levels by an average of 11-19 dB(A) in the higher frequency range where our hearing is most sensitive, thus reducing the risk of hearing damage and improving the working environment for both staff and diners.

Environmentally friendly plastic ware since 1921

August Lundh is an innovative Swedish company that has been supplying quality products to commercial kitchens and the catering industry since 1921. The company is a market-leading supplier of bisphenol-free products – and with a clear focus on the environment and sustainability, August Lundh accounts for a large proportion of Mälarplast’s environmentally-adapted production.

For more on August Lundh, see their website:

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