Carbon calculator

Carbon calculator

With our climate calculator you can compare C02 imprints for plastic parts made in Sweden compared to an average manufacturer in China, and compare virgin raw material against recycled materials.

Estimation of CO2 footprint is made with the following assumptions:
Electricity production, Swedish electricity mix 13g C02 / kWh. If we assume that Mälarplast's machinery and a Chinese equivalent consume approximately the same electricity consumption per tonne of processed plastic, this means approximately 4 kWh / kg plastic (Mälarplast consumes 1200 MWh and processes 300 tonnes). This would then mean that Mälarplast gives rise to 4 kWh x 13 g = 52 g C02 per kg plastic. For Chinese production, it will be an average of 2.8 kg.

In general, measurements give that the production of the plastic raw material gives rise to 2 kg C02 per kg plastic. Then 1 kg plastic (PP / PE) gives 2 kg C02 during combustion.

Want to know more about your carbon footprint?

Contact us if you have questions regarding a specific product or detail and we can help you produce a C02 calculation for your particular product.

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Plastic detail of virgin raw material
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Plastic detail of recycled material
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