Hållbarhetsrapport 2020-2021 - Mälarplast AB
Sustainability report

Sustainability report

With the UN’s 17 Global Goals for sustainable development from Agenda 2030 and Sweden’s 16 environmental quality objectives as a starting point, the sustainability report gives an account of how Mälarplast is working actively on improvements throughout the entire organisation to reduce negative effects on the environment that could be caused by our business.
The annual sustainability report was produced by the company’s environmental manager Tommy Eriksson in March 2021 for reporting to the management review in May and to the supervisory authority. Mälarplast’s operations have been subject to a permit requirement (environmentally hazardous operations, B-class, since 2017), while operations in sister company August Lundh AB are so small that no environmental permits are required.

Globala mål för en hållbar utveckling - Agenda 2030

Tommy Eriksson,Sustainability, Quality and Environment Manager:
We are constantly developing and improving the way we work, in both terms of our own direct environmental impact and in our indirect impact on the environment via our suppliers and other parties in society. We want to see materials and technologies develop in a way that is beneficial for the future and creates a good world in the long term.

Tommy Eriksson, Controller, Kvalitet och Miljö - Mälarplast AB"If we look back we can see that the proportion of bioplastic or bio-based plastics used in our production has increased significantly, which is gratifying and in line with our goals."

Sustainability report (sv)

Mälarplast 2020-2021

Hållbarhetsrapport | Mälarplast AB
Miljö och samhälle | Mälarplast AB


Mälarplast’s sustainability efforts are part of our business strategy – to be Sweden’s greenest plastics company. We are working on continuous environmental improvements in order to contribute to reduced environmental impact and a sustainable society.

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Cirkulära lösningar | Mälarplast AB

Circular solutions

At Mälarplast we are happy to use regenerated materials and different types of bioplastics where possible. Choosing the right materials to suit product requirements, budgetary considerations and the environment is part of our unique service to customers.

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  • Klimatkalkylator - Mälarplast AB

    Carbon calculator

    With our climate calculator you can compare the C02 footprint for plastic part manufactured in Sweden, compared with an average manufacturer in China, as well as comparing virgin raw material to recycled material.

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  • Plastics we process

    Plastic is a versatile, flexible material that is suitable for a wide variety of different uses in areas ranging from the automotive industry to healthcare, household products and construction components.

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  • Vår historia - Mälarplast AB

    Our history

    Mälarplast originated with Aktiebolaget Pollobak, which was set up in Eskilstuna, Sweden, at the beginning of the 1970s. Some of our customers have been with us for most of our journey that began with the new start-up.

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  • About Mälarplast

    Knowledge, quality and delivery reliability are key concepts here at Mälarplast. We always focus on our customers’ needs and wishes – we deliver what our customers want when they want it.

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