Our history

Our history

Mälarplast originated with Aktiebolaget Pollobak, which was set up in Eskilstuna, Sweden, at the beginning of the 1970s. Some of our customers have been with us for most of our journey that began with the new start-up.
1972 Pollobak, later Mälarplast, was formed in Eskilstuna.

1986 In 1986, the assets of Pollobak were acquired by Bengt Wall in the newly formed company AB Mälarplast.

1988 Täljeplast was acquired and was quickly assimilated in the business.
2001 In 2001, Mälarplast bought the small saucepan manufacturer August Lundhs Metallfabrik AB. In the same year active work began on the board when Peter Wall was elected together with the entrepreneur Anders Wahlström who became the company’s chairman.

2004 Bengt Wall handed over the CEO position to his son Peter Wall. Mälarplast and August Lundh was incorporated into the Wallent Group.

2005 Mälarplast bought Weta-Plast’s injection molding department. The assets of H. Gells Plast were also acquired the same year.
2007 Malko was acquired and the company group became a leading supplier of plastic tableware in the public sector in Sweden.

2009 The last of more than 500,000 whistling kettles was manufactured and since then, the company has focused wholeheartedly on providing Sweden’s commercial kitchens with high-quality plastic tableware.
2010 Mälarplast signed an agreement with SAS regarding the manufacturing of cabin serving equipment. The products are marketed under the brand name Travel Catering by August Lundh.

2014 PolymerDon was acquired and the company group expanded to 22 employees with a turnover of SEK 40 million.

2017 Mälarplast was awarded a breakthrough order from Coop to produce bioplastic candy dispensers. In the same year, Eskilstuna Municipally and the local plastics industry began experimenting with recycling plastics.
2018 The Eskil Award went to Peter Wall for efforts in the local business community.
Made by Eskilstuna was founded.

2019 Mälarplast and Peter Wall were nominated finalists in Innovator of the Year in Eskilstuna for the work with Green Loop System.

2022 AB Mälarplast celebrates 50 years in the industry.

Sweden’s greenest plastics company

Sustainability and the environment have been a top priority with both Mälarplast and August Lundh since before the turn of the millennium.

Our work in these areas has propelled us into a leading positon for conversion towards greener plastic. That is why we now call ourselves Sweden’s greenest plastics company.

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50 years in the plastics industry

Have a look at our anniversary magazine to take part of our entire history and important milestones in our journey towards becoming Sweden's greenest plastics company.

Karriär | Mälarplast AB


At Mälarplast you will be involved in being proactive for the environment and part of innovative solutions every day. We offer a multicultural and inclusive workplace with varied tasks and plenty of potential for development.

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Om oss | Mälarplast AB

About Mälarplast

Knowledge, quality and delivery reliability are key concepts here at Mälarplast. We always focus on our customers’ needs and wishes – we deliver what our customers want when they want it.

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  • Sponsorship & collaboration

    We are passionate about the city we live and work in, which is why it is natural for us to work with organisations in our local area.

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  • Advisory board | Mälarplast AB

    Advisory board

    Get to know our advisory board.

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  • Hållbarhet - Mälarplast AB


    Mälarplast hållbarhetsarbete är en del av vår affärsstrategi – att vara Sveriges grönaste plastföretag. Vi arbetar ständigt med miljöförbättringar för att bidra till en minskad klimatpåverkan och ett mer hållbart samhälle.

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  • Business areas

    Mälarplast is one of the few subcontractors that processes both thermoplastics and thermosets by injection moulding and compression moulding. We provide contract services to companies in a wide variety of industries.

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  • Vår gröna produktion - Mälarplast AB

    Our flexible contract production

    The fact that Mälarplast injection-moulds thermoplastics and compression-moulds thermosets makes us very versatile and flexible – strengths which are bolstered by our wide range of machinery.

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