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Mälarplast has four compression moulds to process thermosets with locking pressures ranging from 100 to 300 tonnes. We mainly process SMC (sheet moulded compound) into products with particularly high specifications for strength, temperature and chemical resistance. We also press smaller quantities of BMC, Bakelite and melamine.
Termoplast - Mälarplast AB
Härdplast - Mälarplast
Efterbearbetning, packning, montering - Mälarplast AB
Produktutveckling - Mälarplast
Product development

Our services

Mälarplast specialises in production runs of at least 1,000 components and upwards. For smaller quantities we usually turn to specialised prototype manufacturers.

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  • Plastics we process

    Plastic is a versatile, flexible material that is suitable for a wide variety of different uses in areas ranging from the automotive industry to healthcare, household products and construction components.

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  • Circular solutions

    Regenerated and bio-based plastics have an important role to play in the transition towards a more sustainable society, as does the circular flow of recycled plastic.

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  • Klimatkalkylator - Mälarplast AB

    Carbon calculator

    With our climate calculator you can compare the C02 footprint for plastic part manufactured in Sweden, compared with an average manufacturer in China, as well as comparing virgin raw material to recycled material.

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  • About us

    Knowledge, quality, and delivery reliability are key concepts here at Mälarplast. We always focus on our customers’ needs and wishes – we deliver what our customers want when they want it.

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  • Karriär - Mälarplast AB


    At Mälarplast you will be involved in being proactive for the environment and part of innovative solutions every day. We offer a multicultural and inclusive workplace with varied tasks and plenty of potential for development.

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