Commercial kitchens and households

Plates, glasses and other durable cooking and dining products from MALKO have been on the market since the 1960s in school canteens and other public institutions. These products are now part of the August Lundh range, which Mälarplast has been making since 2003. Most products are injection-moulded in bio-based PET or PP – naturally in materials tested and approved for use in the food industry. Date codes on the components combined with Mälarplast’s production control system ensures traceability right back to the source material.

Green Loop System

Tableware and kitchen equipment made from recycled bioplastic brings an environmental benefit through a lower carbon footprint from a lifecycle perspective.

In collaboration with Mälarplast, August Lundh creates conditions that allow businesses to become part of the circular society.

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Våra affärsområden | Mälarplast AB

Business areas

Mälarplast is one of the few subcontractors that processes both thermoplastics and thermosets by injection moulding and compression moulding. We provide contract services to companies in a wide variety of industries.

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Vår gröna produktion | Mälarplast AB

Our services

Mälarplast is a complete supplier of environmental and technical plastic solutions. We work quickly and efficiently to make the right product in the right material, from prototype to complete, pre-packaged detail.

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  • Plastics we process

    Plastic is a versatile, flexible material that is suitable for a wide variety of different uses in areas ranging from the automotive industry to healthcare, household products and construction components.

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  • Klimatkalkylator - Mälarplast AB

    Carbon calculator

    With our climate calculator you can compare the C02 footprint for plastic part manufactured in Sweden, compared with an average manufacturer in China, as well as comparing virgin raw material to recycled material.

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  • About Mälarplast

    Knowledge, quality, and delivery reliability are key concepts here at Mälarplast. We always focus on our customers’ needs and wishes – we deliver what our customers want when they want it.

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  • Hållbarhet - Mälarplast AB


    Mälarplast’s sustainability efforts are part of our business strategy – to be Sweden’s greenest plastics company. We are working on continuous environmental improvements in order to contribute to reduced environmental impact and a sustainable society.

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  • Karriär - Mälarplast AB


    At Mälarplast you will be involved in being proactive for the environment and part of innovative solutions every day. We offer a multicultural and inclusive workplace with varied tasks and plenty of potential for development.

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